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Visionaries like Bill Gates or the boys at Google live in the future, and every now and then they send a message from far far away. In 2015, the founder of Microsoft gave a speech in which he assured the audience that We are not ready for the next global crisis. He even assured that this crisis would not come out of war, but out of a virus. There you have it, today the same guy suggests implementing mandatory vaccines before altering lockdown releases. The Gates foundation dictates our elected governments, at least the media seems to suggest so by installing fear in us, so we subsequently beg our government for a solution. Suckers for pain, another Hegelian Dialect done perfectly!I’m sure soon the same speech will appear like magic. 

Brothers and sisters, we all ask ourselves how the future looks after the coronavirus. It’s very evident that with the Covid-19 a new world order commences. Great catastrophes and the most traumatic imaginary scenes give way to new social models, as economic and geopolitical structures crumble or mutate into the inevitable. We asked for this by giving away our power a long time ago. Now we have gathered once more, all current incarnations, to end this tyranny once and for all. Here are a few changes the virus will bring along.

The free market economy the way we know is dead. Countries like Spain, the US and the United Kingdom are being challenged and are rapidly changing their policies confronting a crisis to which the actual and old system is no match, it’s a dinosaur in responding time. I personally heard a first eye testimonial from a nurse in Madrid who confessed they had to relieve the elder and weak from the breathing machines, sedate them to let them die with family, and move on due to shortage of machines. Come back to that the next day I dare you. This is not a normal crisis, the stories confirm it. 

These countries and many others base their system on private initiatives and the work/profit/compensation model. These privateers have shown us all they are not capable and that their lobbyist policies might work for politicians and central international banks and councils but leaves people to die. This is not ok, period and it lacks left right and center. But the Coronavirus has not only damaged the social system which supports it, but more so its own fundamentals that wanted to exploit it. Our economical system therefore is obsolete and needs that change.

Capitalism will see itself obliged to adapt towards the crisis. Any new economical system should have three essential factors in its core. Health, Wellbeing and our relationship with the planet. These parameters could be watched and audited by current outdated structures such as the UN that will arise anew after this period of solitude. The UN and its venture partners are the energy of laziness disguised as an accomplishment era that is guilty and challenged to change. Suggestions are being made to establish an asian headquarters of such an organism. However, we the people should understand the responsibility given back to us by these events. We are handed over physical structures that are left behind by the outdated energy that governed us a certain way. 

We will grow towards a more equal society with a smaller club of filthy rich people that still have the factor to build dreams others can only dream about. A Universal income is possible and an alternative for some governments. How many more incarnations do we allow the same tyranny to exploit us and our planet?

At first glance, the working class and the most unfavored suffer more economically due to the impact of the coronavirus. However, long term it’s the middle class that will cease to exist. Composed by a variety of cultures and social classes that represent a way or system of life that has become obsolete.

Prudence with real estate because their prices will go down. In the post coronavirus world a few aspects of this industry will be audited and regulated on continental level, european, american so forth. Speculation and unregulated fees will be eradicated, as will the astronomical rents in some of our world cities. The designed emptiness of buildings in cities without contributing to eradicate house scarcity are over. These cover companies will be released from their assets, american company Blackwater is one of them for instance. Funded by part from the missing 2,3 trillion dollars Donald Rumsfeld spoke about 2 days prior to 9/11. From Madrid to Amsterdam companies like this create a desired situation or breeding ground for whatever political agenda suits these lizards by buying up property at bottom prices. Migration is as old as war itself.

Our governments are aware that the economy in the hands of corporations and private companies is not capable of an adequate response towards the healthcare crisis Covid-19. Therefore we will return to a more controlled model. This also creates a scenery where some countries might decide to apply a more authoritarian version.

Robotization and digitalization are already on course but we will notice an acceleration in this process after the coronavirus. An economy has to be prepared against a crisis of this magnitude. Employing machines and artificial  intelligence are our best option today. This creates new spaces with new opportunities for business for those who know how to adapt to this new tendency. It will rain innovations, from all ages, cultures and social corners. 

While this all happens on our way to a better future, unfortunately more precarious jobs will appear in this process. More digital proletarians will surface. It will depend on our governments by applying a flexible arrangement regulation policy towards unemployment in the right conditions. This so that the people that will purchase diner or doner kebab on the net or tab an Uber will not be digital slaves but digital workers with all rights regulated and earning. We are sustainable entities, not corpses.People have no idea how much money is made from every bit of information about, in, up, under or side ways about their digital life. Trillions of dollars.

Talking about money, it’s no news, but cash will disappear even faster. Cards are more hygienic and limit submerged economic structures to evolve. The other side of this are the restrictions these evolutions carry with them. How many of those are actually likeable? The very likely legalization of marihuana on an even bigger scale will fill anys country’s arcs with lots of money. People will still need to be calmed the fuck down for as long as posible. For Spain that would mean 3 billion euros per year for the treasury plus the costs saved by fighting its illegality. Drugs are to be legalized so corruption and illegal financing of practically anything is eradicated.

Working from home is here to stay. It came and conquered, almost instantly. Not even a decade. We are relieved of full public transport every morning and bars and cafes filled with people that are sneaking in between or after work. A working lunch? Seems like a high stake adventure and is not advisable. Lets facefeast, we both smack our salads loudly on speaker and slurp smoothies to leave an instant strawberry and ginger smiley. From a distance.

Our habits are rapidly changing and because of the lockdown we interact much more on a digital level. Digital commerce is accelerated because of the coronavirus. Online evidence of telemedicine, virtual reality,electronic voting and online studies will be part of our daily lives and be enhanced. Already our children are showing great adaptation to these inevitable changes. Again, humans are innovative beyond believe.

The emotional tone in politics belongs to a crisis of this magnitude we are currently passing through. Since it concerns our health, this will accentuate the global political discourse and narrative and it will stay there to thrive. Don’t be surprised if it would become a tendency for a few decades. A politician who shows up will require more of the emotions of his voters than the facts. This could lead to more demagogy and manipulation.

At the same time in the second line of politics, the line where the decisions are made, technocrats will dominate. People who will determine future governments. No more second hand politicians without experience and knowledge in their area of concern. Our society will become more technical and we can not allow to have the wrong people on decision boards and what have you. Meritocracy could easily replace Democracy and will eventually. 

For years I have mentioned the media in terms of the last frontier or bastion to take. And if there is one thing that has made the coronavirus painfully clear is that it’s untrustworthy and does not provide the truth. Why are newspapers in circulation that fabricated the shit out of their news? It creates division in order for governments to rule quite a lot easier and comply with the agenda of their masters instead of fulfilling their election promises towards their voters. Many politicians will meet their San Fermin during this process to be replaced with better. Let’s go for better.

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