Suckers for Pain 2.0

50 million people died of the Spanish flu from January 1918 till December 1920, at the time 3% of the world population. The Covid-19 plandemic, so far, has killed 313.000 people worldwide. That ads up to 0,004% of the current world population. That doesnt happen by chance, that manifests by design.

In the Netherlands almost 6000 people have died so far. Most, if not all, were allready in an advanced stage of their respective illnesses. Lets take lungcancer for instance, although lately nobody seems to die of lifes worst habbits anymore, 20.000 people die every year of lungcancer and alcoholism combined in the Netherlands, that is 55 persons a day. I used the Jellinek figures from 2013 which stated 21.513 people. Why doesnt the RIVM, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Enviroment, announces these deads on a daily basis and make people more scared of smoking and drinking the living daylights out of themselves? Can it be of 2,5 billion euros per year in tax revenue? Imagine that national health policies would be dictated by foreign corporate lobbyists and national corrupt burocrats, you would end up with a narrative that is hard to believe, let alone to sustain it. But it is the one we got.

Dutch Prime mini-ster Mark Rutte, mini-ster of Justice Grapperhaus, mini-ster of Health de Jonge and RIVM bushman Dissel are playing make believe as hard as they can, as hard as they will fall respectively once all is said and done. Rutte is displayed as a great statesman, which he is not, for the sole purpose of following a script that is just as outdated as the ones who are hired to implement it. The dependence of the current kabinet towards outside comisions and institutes reeks at corrupt management to, again, implement an agenda through non governmental related institutes and foundatiions owned by Billionairs with a mental disorder. During a crisis like this, bilderberg groups, comission of 300s, bank of international settlements, an god knows what hidden spooky group of individuals are to make sure their previous laid out plans are executed by our chosen politicians. Thats one explication to why politicians hardly show natural born leadership. I want the person I vote for to be fan fucking tastic in their field and conquer their promises by merit, by pure endurance en free will. No more voting for me either then.

New Dutch government Covid-19 regulations state that from the 1st of June everybody that uses the public transport in the Netherlands is obliged to wear a mask. That is the end of my relationship with public transport, yes I do not concur nor oblige. Normally I keep my motivation for myself, however in this case it might be useful to consider the prolonged usage of these masks. I think, feel and live in terms of energy and even without medical or expert information of its usage, I will refuse to wear it. I will not re generate my own oxigen, I pay taxes to breath fresh air. More importantly I will not look at my fellow man dressed like a jew with a yellow star of david covering his mouth to obey the same lie on my daily routine 75 years later. i have many reasons to believe my ancestors would agree. I will not witness sheep being silenced before they get slaughtered. I will not be used to implement a lie of biblical proportions. Let others take the bath of lies, I am happy im out.

Its only two pages of words, but people can and will be held accountable. Before you awake you get very upset.

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