The MSM weapon of choice.

This is a weapon, take it as such.

Learn to see the patterns as I simply displayed in the images below. Go to and start entering your own curiosity. Convert names, religions,cults, headlines, sports numbers, fake news into numbers. Once you do that, youll see it loses its grip on you. Down below is a direct link to the book. Treat yourself to the discovery on how the mainstream media holds you in check. Use this code to expose numerical news coincidences. Thats a hell of a start to wake somebody up. Just one, anyone.

About the author:

Zachary Hubbard is a teacher and author who has devoted his time and energy to teaching Gematria. His successful book “Letters and Numbers” can give anyone a good understanding of Gematria. Gematria is a very old code system that changes words and phrases to represent a particular number. At a young age he noticed certain numbers associated with certain sport teams. What a coincidence!

Numbers are much easier to understand

He then discovered that there was also a connection between sports, the mainstream news and Gematria. Maybe there was no coincidence! Whether you believe in Gematria or not, in this book Zachary does make a powerful case in many examples that goes beyond coincidence! Read this book and you will be shocked, surprised and discover this concurrent world. They world you live by and the world of Gematria!!
“Words have multiple meanings but numbers don’t lie!”

Without discovery…

The link to the book:

Don’t believe me.
Gematria will help you to understand what tries to fool you. Don’t be a sucker for pain.

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