Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean c.1400 BC-1000 BC.

Who where the Sherdans?

The current state of our planet has a precedent rooted in our history. It’s repeating itself. In today’s world we know Sherdans as tanks, as in the combat vehicle, then these fierce warriors used horse and carriage. This long footage documentary displays an accurate description of what happened then, and if you pay attention, these people came from the vast oceans and established themselves always in cities with strategic harbours. Our most recent reference of this repetition is the establishment of the expelled fraudulant and pedofile bankers in the port city of Tyre some 60 miles south of Beirut. These, ultimatly converting themselves in the Phoenicians and Black Nobility in Venice to intermarry with European “Royal” bloodlines.The latest episode of the Ever Given turned sideways in the Suez canal, stacked with containers of Evergreen is just a small part of a much larger saga. The battle fought then over the Suez was actually similar in retrospect.

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