Cosmic Races 2.0

“Ultimatly, everything on our planet is a manifestation of a cosmic race, so better know what’s coming at you or for you.”

This is not a new world

Many times over the recent weeks manifestations of cosmic races have surfaced. Invisible to those who cannot feel what they see, their presence is felt increasingly for those who can. Canada, the United States, Mexico and Brazil can be considered one. The fact that a new space agency, a real space agency and not some Nazi bunch of manipulative rocket lovers, has emerged between these countries suggests that they’re lightyears ahead of what Europe always pretended to have.

The Statue that was placed in New York was a clear message that inferior races have nothing to seek anymore when it comes to the practice of corrupt justice. The judges, worldwide, will be replaced together with tied in and up every single individual that has been collaborating, sustaining and endorsing the crime that binds it all up nicely together. Law.

The Obama administration was everything but Hope. The Clinton foundation proves to be a classic international criminal conglomerate…

All our foundations belong to non terrestrial patents. Law, finances, religion,politics,education are all social control mecanisms humans could do without or have a better version of. Democracy is sustained by the media, its corrupt journalist,awarded writers, people with a public platform and no sense for righteousness at all. For them its money, selling t shirts. Guess what: they got the money too.

The Américas are financially controlled by the Chutulus.

There is no doubt on the other side of the pond that Europe will receive what it has coming. Centuries of darkness under a bright studio light. To those that collaborate with the current governmental structure to seize their piece of the pie, crime syndicates vs lobby vs representatives of industries are in focus as I write this down.

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