Get your slicks ready Prince TAX…and run

If you want to function well in the Netherlands, aside from the fact that 400 people per km2 are sitting on top of each other is just too much for me *, (I come from a country where I will drive 1.5 hours with my mate, the truck and the dog for the supply of wood for winter), you will have to drive up the “state allowance”circuit in the lower lands. Or out of the country to feel any warmth.

Nobleza Obliga. Nobility Oblige. Today you can tear up hour tires for free on the Zandvoort F1 circuit until your rubbers are next to your toes, or your heels if you prefer. The real ‘die hards’ will stick the cell phone on the dashboard or the radio in the earpiece, in order to give prime minister Rutte an extra dimension to his account of the surcharge or allowance affair. What happened there was painful…

In short: many depending people were aisolated from their state benefit packages by design as another social experiment. Testing the perfect set up.

I am not a fan of circuits, but racing is a thing. Set ups subject to change.

Ayerton Senna is on my mind. The Panamericana on my bucket list again this life… Another previous life that started over too soon. It was 1968, a blue Ford Taunus, and a tree near Vlissingen. Two others (who are with me again in this life *) also lost their lives that foggy evening. I was also born in The Hague, again my choice. I hope to elaborate on this later once I have been kicked off that Satanic circuit, it won’t be for speeding, I am in consultation with sponsors so maybe I will step out or switch teams or change sponsor.

The day you stop looking for that gab, that one chance to get ahead, that day you stop being a racing driver”. Senna.

This circuit has no right to exist in my heart. As long as the old Zandvoort Jewish Synagogue is scattered in thousands of pieces underneath the tarmac, it is almost impossible to explain what is happening in energetic terms. Not here, not now.

When the religious temple was inaugurated. Just imagine your community to be robbed of it’s temple, pulverised and scattered underneath the tarmac of your village or town. Any church or mosque will do just fine. Then use public funds to build a F1 circuit and play the Prince of Tides. Are you for real?

Preferably in a theater, on a stage with Bernard Jr. in the middle like doll. A Hologram. The rest is silence. The only photo shown that evening is of the first post- second World war bombardment on Dutch soil. But that never happened either. Still it stands behind the prince of allowance. It really happened. I stood by and looked at it and pressed the shutter.What is it that you don’t understand?

This circuit should be “dismantled”. Brick by brick. What can still be found of the synagogue in any case on 1 heap, a mass grave is what it is, and all the asphalt also gone. Show it then! That fantastic creative power that the Netherlands is so proud of. Make it a new Waalsdorpvlakte ( our Arlington), one that you can all really feel out of deep, very deep shame, ignorance, lack of respect, inspiration, love, continuity, humbleness, and creativity to honour the same as you are all shouting for. Do you think you’re gonna get it? Driving around, cheering on??.When I found out about this a few months ago, I had an “intense” discussion with my late grandfather and father about the implementation of my inheritage; A jar of Picalilly for Westerbork. The disappearance of the Jewish orphanage in Leiden. A racing circuit to entertain the masses around the world practising a Satanic ritual. An old one.

There is also nothing left of the Jewish orphanage, only the door with the Star of David. Somewhere in Leiden.

So far I have managed to stay away from Leiden. My grandfather liked to walk there, but we never went out together. Now that I can completely remember my Akashic ability I can talk about it with his eternal presence just as with my father. That is the assimilation of all family karma into one life. Then I have another ancestor….

The routine of the treadmill, the rats are crazy about everyghing when they are satisfied. See no evil, hear no evil, speak bullshit and cash the allowance. I am last on the grid with some well-known local key people. Those who refuse to race according to the rules are always at the back of the grid. We all know what can happen then. I hope for rain, as hard as possible. The majority of the vanguard are Tesla’s and the middle segment of the “lease market”, the smaller German hatchback squabble followed by a motley procession of Asian superpowers. The majority have willingly ticked off the basic amenities to cash the state purchase allowance. I want never gets. The supplements affair was also an experiment like Covid-19. Do you ever think about that? That your basic state facilities can disappear like snow in the sun at the touch of a button? What do you think happens when, by sheer miracle, the reset turns out to be Cabal 2.0 and that due to global insanity your basic provision is under receivership at the push of a button. You cannot go forwards or backwards. Directly or indirectly, you own nothing because you are not master of your own energy supply nor production, so chances are you will be subdued to surrender your debt in exchange for a base income. Rutte will show you how to make a sharp turn. It has been an experiment that carefully plays the partiture of that small, smallest whistle in the back of the orchestra. The picolo.

By sheer wonder Alejandro calls from Málaga, the only one I need in my garage. Hermano Mayor. With which I drive through Spain in three hours to get wood for the winter. We arrive at the track and he patiently listens to my account of what the surcharge affair means. My Mawufa foundation will be the inspiring part and we both miss the trip we made three, sometimes four times a winter. Another side road.

You know what it is, he says, you have done all the work to find all the answers in our current dimension, you did that for yourself, because you could not do otherwise. After all, you had chosen it yourself. You crawled back from the garbage heap and you fought for that for a long time and now you are free. You, me entiendes!? People may not see it that way, but they don’t feel it either. How are you going to explain it to them if there is nothing for you? You had to leave that country, once you lost your child. You went for that. Not every heart is the same and the fact that you thought so has got in your way too long. Throw your bank account in a post and let’s see what value people place on the truth or an inspiring spirit, eres lo que eres, you are what you are. I’m not going to tell you a not a hundred at the end of the week! People pay monthly fortunes to be fooled, fucked and on repeat to satisfy their ego and will not spend a cent for your truth because they no longer know their self-worth and lost trusting themselves”.

As you understand, I will not shy away from this bet, it is a fair one and a necessary one. This week the plug will be removed from the Chamber of Commerce and then a tax refund of the salestax remains. With a supplementation (corrections) I’m 8 weeks further. Then winter is cold enough. On December 26, I have to start my new WordPress year, then I can happily continue with for another year. It has become a full time job and deserves an upgrade. I will share developments about Mawufa, my project in the Rivera Maya later this week. Animal Sanctuaries & Rehab once my contact with Remax Maya and Mexlaw is more defined. I really have nothing better to do than this. Mawufa is committed to all street animals (mainly dogs and cats but sadly also more and more donkeys and horses) in México. Their castration, sterilisation,operations, recovery facilities, rest, care and relocation are nowhere near in order. 18 million animals roam the streets. With a bit of exaggeration, the entire Dutch population fled Europe in search of a new life without a chance. Once the project is inscribed in the registers by notary its all I can imagine doing. I promised to INSPIRE..

Alle donations will be put to good use and contribute to the first Mawufa Center in Mayakoba, Quintana Roo and the platform that will allow you to follow this social responsibility project….more soon.

Bank: BunQ t.a.v K5-agency



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