The power of human psychic abbilties, remote viewing and the Akashic Records.

This documentary narrates a brief yet unknown history of the development of the human abbility to work with unseen forces. These forces are very real as will be demonstrated throughout this captivating document. For decades many state owned services such as the former KGB and the CIA among others have worked relentlessly in the mastering of energies that, although unseen and widely still uncredited, several human beings have displayed over the course of our history. The Akashic Fields are not mentioned once in this intriguing history, yet there is no doubt in my heart that many of the subjects displayed in this film worked within the Akashic realms.

In many previous posts I have stated that although the Stargate Project towards the outside world was halted and dicredited as unfruitful, there is no doubt in my own heart, and based on my own experience with the Records, that the current state of these projects lies very well beyond your wildest imagination. The human abbility to see and reach beyond the veil of our current expectations, imposed and controlled by our governments, is about to break wide open. Psychic powers or natural born gifts will be applied into all kind of fields for the betterment of our understanding as a race and our combined cosmic advancement in relation to other species.

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