Weather Warfare & the rewritng of our history…the real one.

Current world affairs are a tremendous Spy looking glass for the public to not only see the manipulative state in which we live in, but also a starting point to ask ourselves what we are going to do for future generations to be better off and not living a lie.

Once you connect the dots, everthing starts to make sense.

David Icke

Since a few weeks there is a tremendous expectation regarding the Three Gorges Dam in China. Is it going to hold?, or is it going to produce a flood that will wipe out the production capacity of the Red giant and its importance on the world stage. It is no secret that the Chinese communist party is an extention of the feared, but weakened Kahzarian maffia a.k.a The Deep State or the Cabal. Add to that the floods that Hawaii is currently experiencing, the fake snow that can be burned and not melted from recent weeks and we have an interesting tremester in any University prestigous enough to lecture about the truth.

Hawaii 2021

Although the collective consiousness has reached new heights in a fast pace, the weather and its manipulation are certainly nothing new if we regard its presence in our created environment over time. Im sure that in “Biblical times” one could easily find passages that could very well be created by the same entities or masters of reality that currently hold many of us in check. Fortunatly there are people among us that have become references when it comes to debunking these issues. Zackary K. hubbard is the leading expert in my view and his book Letters & Numbers are book that will stand the test of time. The following is an part of chapter 19 that explains how and why the North Sea Floods of 1953 were not some “natural event” to be taught endlessly in our schools in the northern parts of Europe, but even a confessed iniciation into what many still believe to be a fairytale.

19 | Admitted & Non-Admitted Weather Warfare, 1952-Now
The reporting shown is from The Guardian, dated August 30, 2001. It was aboutan admission by the Royal AirForce (RAF) that they had been conducting experiments in the area of artificial rainmaking in the weeks leading up to the flooding of
Lynmouth, August 15 and 16 of 1952, which was said to
have killed either 34-people, or 35, depending on what sources you read. What I have zero doubt of is the deadly flood was caused intentionally, on the specific date of August 15, in line with ‘the code’. As a reminder, in Kabbalah, where the language of letters, numbers, and their harmony with the calendar originates, it is believed that the biblical flood is still ongoing.

I suggest to read the further explanatory article on the Gematria, the code by which our daily news is scripted, from Zackary K. Hubbard. I used this little part of this tremendous 700+ page book to make you connect the dots yourself since currently we get bombarded by events that hold similarities. Not only in terms of disaster, but also in terms of manipulative and mind programming hazardous journalism, which by all means is detremental to our current state of “mental affairs”.

Whatever comes to bare regarding the infamous Three Gorges Dam, the flood in Hawaii and any further ado that relates to the manipulation of the weather. Just like the “fall of the Cabal”has been predicted some time ago already, the time to act upon the truth of our history is now. Universities, that always have been like the name suggest Uni Verse thinking factories, should be subject to authenticity when it comes to their teachings. Entitlements are given out by the amount of slave debt created to obtain knowledge that should led our children to a bright and prosperous future. Lets include the Truth in there, for many may stumble accros it in the foreseable future and thrive because of it…

The weather graphic of the storm that caused the loss of many lifes in 1953
Oude Tonge by Goerree-Overflakkee in the Dutch Nieuw Zeeland where the first breach of the famous Dutch dykes occured.

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