I’m first, I’m last

We are all part of the hydraulic cycle. We are starseeds and starseeds surely can remember that humans are part of water. Watch the water.

The Native American Indians, in this case The Hopi Tribe, have left us with great insights to remember what we as Starseeds have come to do. Our current global narrative certainly reflects some of these teachings. Climate change is one of them and part of the worn out track our “Rulers that shouldn’t rule no more” are manipulatively abusing throughout the Fifth Element, the Main Stream Media. That Phoenician stronghold is about to collapse and according to some in a Biblical way. I’m not that much of a Biblical guy myself since the most interesting parts are the ones not in it such as the book of Enoch. Admittedly “Revelations” is a part that occasionally reminds me of better days ahead.

The Hopi however remind us of the previous three worlds and that we are currently manifesting the fourth world. Science or spirituality easily could transform this into the 3D – 5D paradigm for those who resonate with that. This Hopi elder explains with great clarity the process of our lives and the transformation that happens after we have manifested our physical bodies here on Earth.

Four Worlds

If ever there was a time in the long journey of your Soul to remember now is that time. You are first and you are last. Understanding that to its full extends will bring you everlasting peace, whetever you may roam.

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