Travellers through Space.

Photos of two Pleyadians, taken on 5 December 1972 at Complex 9:

A spaceship had to make an emergency landing on Earth. On board there was a woman named Ariyuanhas and her son Adrieiuous, who were looking for the man of her family. But forced landing was different from what was expected for interns, because they were barely landed, captured by American military personnel and taken to a secret military post.

They were arrested there at complex 9 of the ET MIEC complex. The military feared that they might be spies and thus stopped them. The woman and her son claimed that they came from the Pleyade system and inevitably had to make an emergency landing during their mission. They seemed very humane and hardly could be distinguished from ordinary people. The only anomalies were the slightly pointy ears and grey blue eyes that were very bright with big pupils.


The son seemed very smart. The evidence showed that his IQ was 210 and that he was just as smart as the five smartest people in our world. The mother had a tattoo on her arm with some symbols. The information she gave was that it was a constellation of stars. Both were registered in separate areas at Complex 9, and curiously, the Pleiades woman didn’t even demand that she could see her son. When she was asked about this, she said they could talk and see each other telepathically. Ariyuanhas was asked about her age during the first interrogation, and she explained that, when she became under earthly time, she was between 78 and 100 years old, but her appearance was that of a woman of about 30 years old. Plus, her size of 2.20 meters was very impressive. She also said that her species lived on Earth many centuries ago, but they had to leave because the Drakonians attacked them.


Meanwhile, they managed to reach a higher level of existence and sometimes they could move from 4D to 3D. Normally, their species would be reluctant to go to the 3D plane because the gravity and the feeling or density of their heavy body would be too stressful for them. According to their statements, commoners can live up to 1,000 years. When they told her they couldn’t let her go, she decided to stay quiet and didn’t talked and ate nothing. She only drank water. Adrieiuous, her son, was more chatting and even talked to the guards, ate bread and also did several tests. He was 19 to 28 years old, but he visually looked like an eight to ten-year-old boy.

After two years, the military released them both and they could fly back to their planet with their flying saucer. They weren’t allowed to complete their mission.

“Our government is cruel to the well-intentioned races that are not of this world and here on earth to help people, but the government is very kind to the malignant races that want to destroy us. The reason for this is that well-intentioned races teach love, spirituality and unity, but refuse to share warships and weapons of war, while evil races are prepared to provide extraterrestrial technology in exchange for example, genetic experiments authorized to abduct people in exchange for advanced alien technology and sign agreements with warrior races.” US military source quote.

Remember the “contract” signed by Eisenhower in 1954 with the malignant part of the grey spiecie that allowed them to freely abduct and experiment with humans in exchange for technology. Many of these types of contracts, some eons older are currently under “revision” or voided.

This is the absolute truth, and will ultimately provide us with security. Arianyuanhas and Adrieuous did absolutely nothing wrong. They were treated very badly and imprisoned for two years, but they never showed anger with prison guards. They came to Earth looking for their Father, who came here to Earth to help our world with the imminent ascension. It shows the perversity of our military-industrial ET complex (MIEC) and the secret government. It’s time to wake up to this reality, perhaps a staged Alien invasion will take care of that. I would also like to inform you that the blanket that the child is using in one of the photos is exactly the same blanket we give our prisoners in all military prisons. The source of this information spend 28 years with the Marine Corps and the United States Army in the infantry, military police and Psyops divisions.

ARIHUANA’S DETAILS: Type: Human/’Celest’ Gender Female Dimensions: 2.22 m/71.5 kg/blue eyes Age: 78-100 years old, seems to be 30 years old Location: Block C/Cell 16/Origin ‘Blk-Spy’: Constellation of Pleiades Threat level: No threat Language: Non-verbal communication Title: Scientific Date of storage: 05.12.1972 Aircraft: Murcury/STA-elect/Flugscheibe Registration number: 5127209016 DETAILS OF THE ADRIANCE: Type: Human/’Celest’ Gender Male Dimensions: 1.56 m/39.5 kg/blue eyes Age: 19-28 years old, seems to be around 8-10 years old Location: Bloco 9/Cela 15/’Blk Spy’ Title: Filho Date stored: 12.05.1

In the foreseeable future more of these incidents will come to light. Here on Earth there is a selective group of people, to whom I referred to in previous posts, that have reached a high level of consiousness and are therefor the vessels to filter this kind of information. Many of us have been called upon, but only some get chosen. The manner in which these fellow cosmic races are treated relies upon the industrial military complex, for now. Furthermore I would also like to assure you that human look a like manifestations of this race are currently within the circle of power here on our planet. For now it is important to understand that behind the veil of information “on a need to know basis” much much more is being done. There are beautiful people on a diversity of channels that are at the forefront, chosen to filter the information to the public. Personally I’m very font of Mr. Charlie Ward and Simon Parks.

To be continued…

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