LEVEL 2021: The truth is hard to swallow.

Page two: The private dairy of Admiral Bird. Life beyond the ice.

Q made “timing is everything” to be a new kind of standard. Like a gunshot in the air or the clinging church bell for another sinners Saint to be forgiven. Theorist and scientists they all have had their divine 15 minutes to either brainwash you in believing one thing or be exposed for another. The producers of this film challenged NASA to a “dialogue” of some sort. It would have been a monologue by all means. Now you can watch for yourself. It’s time to level up. Enjoy the show. Praise to all who where involved into making this film!!!

One piece of footage that makes this all much easier to understand. I took a screen recording from my phone. Days after the premiere I receive various types of film that fall right into place.

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