Watch “X-Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion”

“The greatest part I ever played, was the one where I didn’t exsist.” The Devil is in the details by a former X factor winner or sinner that adds his grain of sand. More familiarities are exposed in a surprising manner. Its lengthyness doesn’t bother me at all, sometimes I just fast forward.

Lust is love”, mentioned in this documentary certainly gives another version of this incredible show currently at your theatre, we get to pick flavours in due time. Lucifer, disquised as an Angel, but its the one you feed that dictates your reality. Many current stars pass for revenue, the picture editing is strong and makes this certainly enjoyable with intervals. Jesus loves you, that’s made sure of. Eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel made more understandable, it needs to be Biblical. I would suggest another narrator, a voice over. Maybe Lucifer himself would be up for it or instruct someone to do it.

Two worlds are clearly parting. The one that has made us believe a legacy of lies and deceit has a 3D tag on it. Its ready to disintegrate into an app button. Begging for all you have in exchange for something you will never own. Christ consiousness is in my heart the only second time of coming. But clearly people will make different choices. About people things.

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