Stanley Kubric directed the landing on the moon or was it Salman Rushdie?

A confession of Stanley Kubric regarding the making of the footage that would show the world a man landing on the moon. This is not a novelty. NASA, with Uber Nazi Werner von Braun has always and only been about mind programming. Neither is this anything to get all messed up about. But here is the thing, when Kubric refused to cut 24 minutes of Eyes Wide Shut, in wich allegedly he exposed what we know today as “pizzagate” or other checkable facts we are meant to believe he got killed for not doing so. Thats the “narrative”.Then in 1988 Salman Rushdie publishes “the Satanic Verses” and receives threats from Iran and other Muslim countries that resulted in a Fatwa. Kubric is 20 years older than Rushdie and is recorded to have died in March of 1999. Can someone call Salman? It’s been so quiet lately…or is Stanley? It must be the syllables of their names then….
UPDATE: the video has been blocked before I could finish my coffee. But hence, you can see it here:

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