The reward of great living are not external things, withheld until the crowning hour of succes arrives; they come by the way,  – in the consiousness of growing power and worth, of duties nobly met and work thoroughly done. …working always in humility and sincerity, ai! Life is a reward, and every day brings a deeper satisfaction.

La recompensa de la gran vida no es nada externo, retenida hasta que llegue la hora de coronación de los sucesos; vienen por cierto, – en la consciencia si crece el poder y vale, de deberes que se cumplieron noblemente y trabajando a fondo. La vida es una recompensa, y cada día trae una mayor satisfacción.

Joy and Peace vienen por ciertos.

-Hamilton Wright Mabie-

This quote is written on the back of a business card from ‘By the way books” in Richmond, Texas. Rare, out-of-print that kind of stuff. It came with a book published in 1928.


“Ask my higher self for what reason I need to return to the Netherlands”.

One of the reasons was this book. It has been written by Maurice Maeterlink, a previous encarnation of my higher eternal presence. Born in 1862 in Gent and died in 1949 in Nice. The nurse who treated him at his death bed at the time was a previous encarnation of Maria. A fellow student and nurse who attended the lectures of the Akashic Records in Madrid and who would preform a first reading of my Akashic Records. She would let me know.

A week later I was on a short bus trip to Gent. To find spare parts or left overs to satisfy my understanding about this man. His work and how it could possibly influence mine. I looked at his picture once and that pretty much rocked me. I wanted to see his place of birth.

1st US edition hard cover 1928
It’s extremely valuable to understand what it was that occupied your higher mind in previous life times. I’m fortunate to possess 3 artefacts that help me to remember previous encarnations at will. Find yours!

The fourth dimension, the cultivation of dreams, the Isolation of man, the marvels of Space and time, and ultimately God weren’t Saturday’s Night life topics at the time. This book was written by someone who little over a decade earlier had won the Nobel prize for literature in 1911. About the content I will share the information currently available to me once assimilated the registers on these topics. I’ll do it as simple as I can currently explain it.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911 “in appreciation of his many-sided literary activities, and especially of his dramatic works, which are distinguished by a wealth of imagination and by a poetic fancy, which reveals, sometimes in the guise of a fairy tale, a deep inspiration, while in a mysterious way they appeal to the readers’ own feelings and stimulate their imaginations”.

These five topics are more at play in our current life times than ever before. Lots of people have understood the transformation humanity is undergoing alongside Gaia and other parts of our universe…

The fourth dimension.✅

Most of the descriptions used in the book “life in Space” regarding the fourth dimension are very recognizable. The language, the time of writing makes it very slow to read, maybe it is because my thoughts regarding the 4th dimension have excelled in the time being.

In this lifetime I perceive the fourth dimension, it’s lower range frequencies, as the place where all final lessons are stocked and waiting to be challenged. The light at the end of the tunnel, your opportunity to align with your higher purpose, a chance to redeem yourself and all of your past Records that need adjustment.

Simultaneously, while your dragging yourself through these frequencies, the Cosmic races that live and breed within these lower 4th dimensional “zones” will loose control over your Akashic Self and their manipulative, agresive nature that have kept humanity in check for too long.

Their numerous fysical manifestations will seize to exsist in your world. Your dimension of perception and reality which will bring you home to your true self will come upfront and convert itself into a “Cosmic stance”.

The fourth dimension has been controlled for thousands of years by the beings we currently understand as reptile/annunaki; but a quantum shift, one with irreversible force, has propelled those who want to experience and learn to remember the highers realms of self awareness and these galactic mafiosi to the background. Like you finally cleared out your room, house, boat or closet under the staircase..but then the cosmic version..the one you have left untouched for lifetimes…

The Tarot Dancer is my personal manifestation, my “memory card” about my passage throughout the 3rd to the 5th dimensional frequenties. It’s my “wake of Turin”. (Its out of focus due size adjustment, it’s massive) but gives a clear feeling of how tremendous the passage can be and is for many of us. I deeply honour those that went before me.

The Cultivation of dreams.

The Isolation of man.

The Marvels of Space &Time


Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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